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You might remember Becky McCracken who was a long-time member of our Ladies Auxiliary. She died some years back as a very old and respected member of our community. Well, back in the day, (from the late 1940s to mid1950s) she was a valued Chief Cook at my father’s restaurant. (The restaurant was usually called ‘Burke’s Restaurant’ and it was sited where the Pizza place is presently situated directly across from the Kosy). She worked there for many years as a dedicated member of our staff.

In those years I recall the Remembrance Days on November 11th and noted that Becky always diligently attended. Laying a wreath for her seemed to be a solemn occasion for her; a rite she always performed in a mood of great sadness and loss. As a kid between the ages of about age seven to about fifteen, I was given to believe she was laying a wreath for her son Max who was killed in the war. I have no idea where I got this idea, most probably from partially overheard conversations of our staff. It never seemed to be a subject to be discussed. Recently, I found out Becky wasn’t laying a wreath for just her son – but also for her father and her brother...ALL KILLED IN ACTION.

Joe Henderson (Regimental number: 163836) He left four kids. Becky’s father died in the WWI and is buried at Vimy.

Born 25 July 1871 Died 08 Oct 1916

Maxwell McCracken (Regimental number: C121505) Becky’s son, is buried in Grossbeek, Holland.

Born 1925 Died 28 Feb 1945

Elzie Henderson (Regimental number: C65065) Becky’s brother is buried in Hong Kong. I’m told he died ‘horribly’. The family never talks of it.

Born 1920 – Died 25 Dec 1941

I have pictures only of Max and Elzie – all three are listed at the Minden Cenotaph plague. In Haliburton only Max and Elzie are shown.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea for members of the Legion to know this and possibly post these pictures among our ‘Wall of Remembrance’ photographs.

Eddie Burke

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