Letter of disagreement to the Legion's Dominion Command to not support the rebranding of the Ro

As you may be aware, Dominion Command has been rebranding the Royal Canadian Legion. The first thing to go was our name - we are no longer the Royal Canadian Legion - we are now just the Legion. If you have noticed, all correspondence just says Legion with the Poppy, and now even our new membership cards the Royal Canadian Legion has been removed. Second, was Dominion Executive Council decided to change how we accept new members into our ranks by changing the Application for Membership and allowing membership sign-up by Internet. (Once they sign and pay they are members). The Dominion Executive has removed the Oath of Allegiance from our initiation ceremony. These and other policy changes have hit a nerve with Ordinary Members. Changes like these should be voted on by ALL at our Conventions - not by the DEC.

We are trying to get all members of Ontario to start a letter writing campaign to help draw support for the resolutions that will be brought forward at the next Dominion Convention to reinstate the Oath and have Royal Canadian Legion in all our correspondence and our Membership Cards.

Please click on the underlined "copy of the letter" to see the letter

I have attached a copy of the letter and hope you will distribute it to your members to fill out and send to Dominion Command c/c Provincial Command, in support of the Resolutions to reinstate our proud name the Royal Canadian Legion and the Oath for new Members. I have also included copies of the Resolutions, If you wish to support these please take them through your Zones and District and collectively we will have a stronger voice at the Convention.

If you have any questions please email me rongregorybr286@gmail.com or call at Cell 416-464-6110 or at the Branch 416-741-5660.

Yours in Comradeship

Ron Gregory

District D

Constitution & Law Chair

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