Veteran Homelessness in Canada

Veteran homelessness is unacceptable in Canada. That is why Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is taking steps to reach out to Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Local organizations are usually the first resource for anyone who is homeless. Through these organizations, VAC is able to provide information about the Department’s services.

Call the VAC Assistance Service if you need to talk to someone right now.


The National Shelter Study 2005–2014: Emergency Shelter Use in Canada, to be published in fall 2016, is the second national analysis using emergency shelter data collected over an extended period of time to establish a baseline count and description of the characteristics of the homeless population using shelters in Canada. The first national shelter study covered the period from 2005 to 2009. The current update of the original study extends the findings to 2014. The National Shelter Study is based on anonymous information from 1.9 million shelter stays that occurred at over 200 of the 400 emergency shelters across Canada during a 10-year period.

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